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Jul 22, 2011 7:00pm PDT
quote shot and killed in los angeles. smalls was leaving a music industry party. he was shot at a busy intersection while riding in the passenger seat of this suburban. the shooting was eerily similar to tupac's six months earlier. >> given the fact that they were both gangster rap artists, naturally our people will be contacting the las vegas authorities to see if there's any connection in the two. >> where this blue vehicle is is where biggie's suburban was. he was stopped just like this vehicle here. >> reporter: former lapd detective russell poole was one of those assigned to the biggie smalls' case. witnesses say the gunman looked like this. he was alone, drove up next to smalls, and shot him at close range. poole is convinced that shug knight ordered biggie smalls' murder, even though knight was behind bars at the time. he also believes that off-duty, lapd officers who were working for knight's death row records helped plan the murder. >> shug knight ordered the hit. reggie wright jr. head of
Jun 30, 2011 5:30pm PDT
begins next year on what will eventually be a northern california to los angeles line promising 150,000 jobs. this is about as american as you can get, good, green jobs, putting americans to work. at the moment, america only has high-speed rail in the northeast from d.c. to new york and boston where centuries old tracks and winding routes keep the acela from ever hitting peak speeds. this train runs on freight lines, but to go faster than 120 miles an hour would require an entirely new electrified network of high-speed rail lines. the obama administration is moving ahead. the ultimate goal, connect 11 megacity regions with a network of high speed track helping to relieve congested roads and airports. but it won't be cheap, $53 billion over the next three years, $600 billion over the next 25. already republican governors in florida, wisconsin and ohio have rejected high-paid rail money afraid they will be on the hook for overruns. >> the truth is this project will be far too costly to taxpayers and i believe the risks far outweigh the benefits. >> reporter: but seeman's engineering t
Jul 22, 2011 5:00pm PDT
in may, at the time, los angeles police chief considered ramirez the prime suspect. >> and a significant break. one that will lead to a successful prosecution, i am sure. >> last night, the mayor antonio villaraigosa who stood with the chief in may tried to explain the turn of events. >> we followed hundreds of thousands of leads. and in this case that was very difficult for us. there was general descriptions of the assailant. >> ramirez remains in custody on a parole violation. this afternoon his mother and attorney held a news conference. >> be sure they're the right person, investigate it before you put any picture on tv and to be discriminated from eefsh we're taking it one step at a time. any civil action is difficult. and attorneys for ramirez say he should no longer be held. as for brian stow, his mother said yesterday he mouthed his last name, and we talked to a civil attorney representing the stow family suing los angeles dodgers and the attorney told me estimated cost of medical care over the course of stow's lifetime will run in the neighborhood of $40 mimin. -- million. >> jo
Jul 15, 2011 11:30pm PDT
en carmagedÓn como si fuera un temblor de tierra. los angeles y cierra la autopista 405 parÁ una refacciÓn. >> para saber cÓmo han recibido este apocalipsis vial pasamos en vivo con jaime. >> estamos aquÍ a poco tiempo de que cierre por completo esta autopista 405, considerada una de las arterias vitales para el trÁnsito de vehÍculos en el condado de los angeles. el uso del movimiento tendrÁ que ser cerrado en una acciÓn que ha llamado la atenciÓn de todo el mundo. >> llegÓ la hora cero y sucediera que parecÍa impensable: a lo largo de un tramo de 10 millas la patrulla de caminos charlÓ cada una de las rampas de acceso a la autopista 405, considerada una de las mÁs ocupadas del mundo, por lo que su cierre parcial podrÍa resultar en el carmagedÓn. >> van a comenzar a cerrar carril a carril, hasta medianoche. a medianoche va a estar la autopista completamente cerrada. >> de la misma forma en que se responde a catÁstrofes naturales como los graves terremotos que han sembrado destrucciÓn en el pasado, autoridades angelinas activaron un centro de operaciones de emergen
Jul 9, 2011 5:30am EDT
desde inglaterra visitan los angeles. unh@univise.n esamh@not.univision e.nh@univisn >> los duques de cambridge aterrizaron hoy el los Ángeles para iniciar la primera visita oficial a estados unidos que se prolongarÁ hasta el domingo. nos cuentan las actividades que desarrollarÁn el prÍncipe y su esposa. >> a su llegada a los angeles, fueron recibidos por el gobernador, , el alcalde de los Ángeles, actividades consulares de gran bretaÑa, en los tres dÍas de visita desplegarÁn todo lo que representan, la realeza y la sensibilidad con causas humanitarias. >> no se creen muy grandotes. >> la pareja estÁ en la residencia britÁnica , los protege un cordÓn policial y los vecinos ha firmado un compromiso con la policÍa para no permitir el paso de los paparazzi. <> veo que usted tiene una revista antigua. >> tengo muchas.noivisioh@univi@ la aa de leciÉ casados comenzÓ esta noche en beverly hills en un evento dedicado fomentar las relaciones entre estados unidos e inglaterra. >> en su Último dÍa en los angeles la pareja visitarÁ este centro de arte dedicado a preparar a jÓven
Jul 15, 2011 11:35pm PDT
, living in los angeles amidst the wreckage of two failed marriages and one serious drinking problem, hit rock bottom. >> i got down on my knees and i said, send me an angel, please. >> reporter: they say they met online and quickly developed an emotional connection. at first doug says he had no idea she was just a teenager. when you found out, how did you feel? >> well, you can imagine, i -- my world turned upside down. because -- >> the shock factor. >> reporter: did that make you want to walk away? >> it didn't make me want to walk away, but it definitely was a struggle inside my heart at that point in time because i had already started falling for her. >> reporter: all the while, courtney's mom, krista, had been monitoring their exchanges, fully aware that doug had decacas over her young daughter. >> and i said, if you are uncomfortable with it, i will respect you and courtney will respect you and we will step back. so she said, "i can feel my daughter's love for you. you know, you guys can get married if you want." >>>>eporter: it is not every day that a man has to consult the statut
Jul 28, 2011 4:30am EDT
away. joel brown, cbs news, los angeles. >>> just ahead on the "morning news" the opposite of urban flight, why people are heading back to the city. >>> plus one of the longest machinehaunts for a convicted killer finally ends. >>> first bob schieffer has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> all over the country, drivers are caught by traffic cameras and pay fines, sometimes up to $500. we'll tell you about a new controversy over whether tickets can be enforced and why people in at least one city are demanding their money back. that story tonight on the "cbs evening news." onight on the "cbs evening news." [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possib
Jul 22, 2011 5:00pm PDT
excitement about his improvement with a los angeles radio reporter this afternoon. >> dr. easton, making sure he had eye contact. he asked him, brian, what is your last name? and the doctor said he mouthed oh, my gosh, everybody in this hospital is floating on clouds. >> reporter: now so it's mother says her kids are with him. he recognizes his children, and his family and his doctors are amazed. as for the news of the new arrest, the family isn't saying much. i talked to one family member on the phone earlier today who said he is blown away by the latest developments. his mother simply said everything's coming together. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. again, the los angeles police department will be holding a news conference on the flee arrests in the bryan stow case. when it begins, we will bring it to you live. >>> other news now. tense words today in san francisco's bayview district as a nasheighborhood activist confronted ed lee after a fatal shooting by police. >> making sure we've got social services down here, as well. you know that. >> that
Jun 30, 2011 6:30pm PDT
han sido distorsionados por un policÍa por ser indocumentados. >> demandan sheriff de los angeles por el manejÓ de datos sobre deportaciones. >> todo estÁ listo para el inicio de la copa amÉrica, el primer partido argentina contra bolivia en unas horas. >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >> es una historia que les saliÓ mal a un mal policÍa. un policÍa los quería extorsionar por el hecho de ser indocumentados, le pidieron a un amigo que su ciudadano estadounidense que firmarÁ el policÍa entera opciÓn. >> a 250 millas al sur de atlanta viven cerca de 20.000 personas, mÁs de 1000 son hispanos y muchos de ellos aseguran que han sido extorsionados por un hospital de la policÍa por ser indocumentados. >> segÚn los denunciantes el oficial de tenÍa sin razÓn aparente. >> vienes borrachos. pero no tomo. sÍ, vienes borracho. cuÁnto traes de dinero? 150, eso es muy poco. >> pero aseguraba tener buen corazÓn por lo que ofrecÍa tarifas flexibles. >> dame 700 ahorita. >> nunca nadie lo reportaba por el miedo que no le iban a creer a ellos
Jul 9, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in from los angeles, breezing down the red carpet without a word. guests paid up to $4,000 to attend the v.i.p. luncheon. >> my father, the prince of wales, and my brother harry were as green as that grass outside when i told them i would be here today. >> reporter: the match will raise millions for the prince's charity fun dane. captain of the u.s. polo team rue dan is playing against prince william's team royal salute. >> it's a great feeling. it's fun. you know, he is having fun. we're all smiling. we're, you know, laughing, joking. just trying to have a good time. >> reporter: there's no elbows, there's no -- >> there might be elbow or two coming out. >> catharine and i have had a busy couple of days, so the prospect of being able to let loose this afternoon is a great one for me. >> reporter: she's seen but not heard, today presenting the silver tiffany trophy, last night arriving in los angeles, given a red, white, and blue bouquet. >> diana would be so proud. she's gorgeous. >> reporter: fashion watchers are obsessed with all the outfits. from a light gray sheath at the beverly hilt
Jul 14, 2011 12:00pm PDT
up warning the world about the nightmare gridlock that's expected this weekend in los angeles. the event is now dubbed, carmageddon. even for a region that's legendary for its traffic snarls, this weekend it's predicted to bring the mother of all gridlock. >> the mother. with a 10-mile stretch of one of the nation's busiest highways set to shut down for more than 50 hours, bill whitaker says car crazy angelenos are getting creative. >> reporter: this is how the 405 dubbed the nation's busiest freeway usually looks, 500,000 cars travel the 10 miles linking west los angeles to the highly populated san fernando valley. because it's so heavily traveled it needs to be widened. and to be widened, it needs to be completely shut down. >> even if we get the message off to half the people that still means 250,000 people are going to try to use that road. >> reporter: so from friday night to monday morning, traffic could be backed up as much as 64 miles as thousands of commuters who rely on this freeway find other ways to get around. los angeles residents have a word for what's to come.
Jul 16, 2011 5:30pm PDT
not materialize as was feared. how the people of los angeles are coping with the carmageddon bust. >>> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. ann notarangelo is off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. there has been a shooting involving a police officer in the city's bayview neighborhood. it happened less than an hour ago. all we know right now is that one person was shot. and taken to general hospital. we are working on getting more information and when we do we will certainly pass it along to you. >>> he was only a few feet away when a b.a.r.t police officer shot and killed officer grant. now grant's best friend is also dead, the victim of a shooting. joe vazquez is in hayward tonight to tell us what happened. joe. >> reporter: in about half an hour friends and family members will gather here at this makeshift memorial at the murder scene to pay their respects. all day they have been popping by here just shaking their head at the fact of the six men who were there that new year's day 2009 two have died violently and so young. >> oscar grant and then him now. it is cra
Jul 16, 2011 6:30pm PDT
interpretation of the bible. turns out he was wrong. not two months later it was predicted for los angeles based on the weekend long closure of the 405. we are happy to report this dire prediction appears to be wrong begin. we are joined live from los angeles now. one person is quoted as saying it is dead as a door nail out there. what's going on. >> reporter: pretty quiet. best thing that has happened to los angeles traffic in decades. i'll tell you. we drove around all throughout the day and not only is the 405 closed off because of the construction project but they warned people about being on the west side of los angeles and i'll tell you traffic was absolutely amazing. some people are now saying that carmageddon was this year's y2k. didn't amount to anything. >> the mayor is surveying the area, looking at it all and all is calm, right? >> reporter: all is pretty much calm and after this is all over with there are some people who are probably going to look at the mayor with some bit of criticism because it was him who started this campaign several months ago saying beware of this weekend. it
Jul 9, 2011 12:30am PDT
. still ahead, from canada to california, the duke and duchess of cambridge a ride in los angeles for a weekend visit. -- arrive in los angeles for a weekend visit. security forces in pakistan's largest city, karachi, have been authorized to shoot on sight anyone they believe is involved in violence. at least 65 people have been killed in gratia since tuesday. the current unrest is blamed on armed gangs. many shops and foreign offices were closed. here is this report. >> armed troops to stand on guard on the streets of pakistan's business and commercial capital. three days of violence have been the worst karachi has seen this year. target killings and drive-by shootings are widely blamed on armed gangs linked to rival political parties. >> killing and violence has increased so much. no one is safe anymore. >> this is the heart of karachi's main shopping thi district. as you can see, today they are deserted. most people did not go to work or open businesses because they are afraid of more violence. >> many of those who were shot dead were ordinary people going about their daily liv
Jul 8, 2011 12:00pm EDT
and catherine in los angeles. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> out of texas, a 39-year-old firefighter fell 20 feet attempting to catch a foul ball at rangers games it. he was conscious after the fall, but he died last night at the hospital. this is the second deadly fall at a major league stadiums this season. investigators in michigan have identified several people killed in a shooting rampage. the man shot and killed several people, including his own child and two ex-girlfriend. he held three people hostage inside an apartment before turning the gun on himself. british police are searching the newsroom of a second british tabloid as part of a widening investigation into a hacking scandal. the search is believed to be connected to the arrest of the former "news of the world" editor who served a jail term for hacking into phones. "news of the world" is shutting down after reports that it broke into the voicemail of war widows and try to police officers for information. in today's "medical alert,
Jul 10, 2011 6:30pm EDT
drove through one of l.a.'s most infamous areas. 50 blocks of inner city los angeles where an estimated 4,000 people live on the streets. in the heart of that neighborhood, inner city arts, an arts education center where william and kate got their hands dirty. a little painting. a little help with a ceramic turtle. and the royals left their mark in slabs of clay. a teen dance trooup entertained. more than that, a performance about what life is like in south central l.a. ♪ >> reporter: afterwards the duchess called it beautiful. >> i guess we did what we were supposed to. we sent that message that we wanted to send. >> reporter: last stop of the day, a hollywood sound stage filled with 1,700 veterans and military spouses looking for work. 160 employers with jobs. ross cohen is director of mission serve. >> it's enormous that they're here. they are a military family. and they're the most celebrated military family in the world. >> reporter: today's events a stark contrast to last night. a-list stars hit the red carpet. jennifer garner. j lo. jason baseman. hollywood royalty was no match
Jul 9, 2011 7:00am EDT
. >>> and william and kate take america. the royals have landed in the united states and we are live in los angeles as hollywood's set get ready. what will kate wear tonight on the red carpet? >>> hello, everybody. i'm dan harris in new york. i want to say good morning to all of you and also to my co-anchor bianna golodryga who is in los angeles. >> well, we are here to celebrate the arrival of two of the most famous tourists in america. of course, i'm talking about prince william and his new wife catherine. they landed last evening but we know it's also a day where coast to coast we are remembering a courageous and trail blazing woman. >> that's right. former first lady betty ford died last night. she was 93 years old. she was one of the most popular first ladies in recent history and in many ways she revolutionized the job. the tributes are pouring in this morning. president obama praising mrs. ford for her "courage and compassion" and former president clinton saying mrs. ford was a "remarkable woman whose legacy will live on in people around the country who lives are longer and better because of
Jul 9, 2011 5:30am PDT
. >> llega la realeza a estados unidos, los reciÉn casados duques de cambridge estar enlos angeles, esta noche. >> los peruanos celebran este triunfo ta noche contra el equipo de mÉxico. ♪ >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn edición noctur, >> muriÓ la ex primera dama a los 93 aÑode edad, no han dado a conocer detalles de las circunstancias de muerte, pero hoy es recordada por millones de personas que gracias a ella tambiÉn ha buscado tratamiento. >> nacida en chicago, fue activista, feminista, durante un cortoiempo bailarina, modelo y tambiÉn una mujer de negocios. en 1974 1977 tarde por la primera dama de estados unidos, con los mayores Índices de aprobaciÓn la historia pese a algunas de sus controversias posturas, de hecho la revista time la bautizÓ como una mujer poco temeroso de hablar de s temas que la apasionaba, segÚn historiadores tuvo un impacto signicativo en la cultura y el historial de la mano de su esposo el expridente gerald ford. se le atribuye ser una de las primas mujeres en crear conciencia sobre el cÁncer de seno. enfrentÓ unmastectomÍa, y defendiÓ
Jul 8, 2011 11:30pm PDT
reciÉn cas duquese cambridge estar en los angeles,sta noch >> los peruanos celn este triunfo esta noche contra el equipo de mÉxico. ♪ >> este es su niciero univisiÓn edición cturna, >>muriÓ la ex primera dama a los 93 aÑos edad, no se han dado a conocer detalles de las circunancias de muerte, pero hoy es recordada por millones de personas que gracias a ella tambiÉn ha buscado tratamiento. >> nacida en chico, fue acvista, feministadurante un corto tiempo bailarina, molo y tambiÉn una mujer de negocici. en 1974 19 tarde pora primera damae estados unidos, con los mayores Índicese aprobaciÓn en la historia pe a algunas de sus controversiales posturas, de hecho la revista time baÓ como una mujer poco temeroso de hablar de los temas que la apionaba, segÚn historiadores tuvo un impacto significativo en la cultura y el historial de la mano de su esposo expresidente gerd ford. se le atribuye ser una de las primeras mujes en crear concieia sobre el cÁncer de seno. enfrentÓuna mastectomÍa, y defendiÓos derechos de iguald de la mujer, el aborto, y tambiÉn su abanderada del movi
Jul 15, 2011 6:00pm PDT
cortes comerciales, pero mas adelante.. take vo ---el cierre de una autopista en los angeles podria tener impacto en nuestra region... sot señora dice: "o por enfermedad o por lo que sea, aprovechen todo lo que la ciencia nos pueda dar." in: 00;02;09;21 out: 00;02;15;10 vo ---le explicaremos como funciona un programa estatal que le da telefonos gratis a personas mayores de edad con necesidades especiales... sot señor dice: "suben a estas embarcaciones a el numero máximo de personas." in: 00;00;20;08 out: 00;00;23;19 vo ---el aumento de patrullaje en la frontera con mexico ha obligado a los coyotes a ingeniarselas para continuar el trafico de indocumentados... take sot - ariel rodrguez ariel rodriguez dice: "regreso la nubosidad y tambien la neblina a traves de todo el sector costero y estamos experimentando ya que las nubes a debilitarse, le digo que cambios tenemos en el pronostico para los proximos dias al regresar." segment a ends - break a topvo ---en el area de los topvo ---en el area de los angeles, los automovilista s se preparan para el cierre de la autopista 405, una de las pr
Jul 16, 2011 10:00pm PDT
- heaven, we'll take to you los angeles for the project that many fear wod cause a weekend of gridlock. >>> see what brought some service members to tears. >>> the fog has been cooling off the bay area. coming up i will show you where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and when 90- degree heat could return to the bay area forecast. transportation officials say both direction of the san mateo bridge will be shut down for two weekend sometime next year. plans are for a $10 million repair project. the bridge already went through some repairs in 1999, but inspectors have since found a crack in a 30-foot beam on the bridge and say that needs to be fixed permanently. >>> a lesbian national guard member says she choked up today taking part in the san diego gay pride parade. they advertised their branch of service anne marched with american flags and rainbow banners. each branch of service was represented, including the coast guard. parade comes a day after the san francisco court reinstated the don't ask, don't tell on openly gay people serving in the military, but prohibited any in
Jul 10, 2011 7:00am PDT
's biggest stars were out. but no surprise, it was kate who stole the show. we are live in los angeles for will and kate's big hollywood moment. >> announcer: from abc news, this is a special edition of "good morning america," now, live from the belasco theater in los angeles, california, and new york city, weekend anchors bianna golodryga and dan harris. >> good morning, america, you're looking at a live shot from the historic belasco theater where they are still cleaning up from the biggest royal carpet event in decades. dan, you missed quite a party last night. >> i did. i'm dan harris in new york. i understand there were a ton of celebrities with you, bianna. >> a ton of hollywood elite. tom hanks, nicole kidman, jennifer lopez, barbra streisand were all in this room. you see how huge the room was. all of the upstairs was closed off. it was an intimate dinner for 280 people. dan, these celebrities, these celebrities were told to, quote, be cool of around william and kate, not to flood them. they were the stars of the show. dan, i know you and everyone else in america wants to know
Jul 22, 2011 12:30am PDT
to prison for a parole violation. july 19, los angeles county increases its reward amount for information leading to arrests. the next day, july 20, los angeles police arrest two people in the beating of bryan stow. giovanni ramirez is not one of them. thursday, july 21. news of the arrest brakes. los angeles police will not comment on who the new suspects are or why this shift in the case took place. grant lodes, kron 4 news. >>> tonight we talked to bryan stow's coz he said police haven't told family members about the arrest and the attorney for giovanni ramirez says that he was not aware of the developments till the news broke tonight. >> new information in the officer involved shooting that ended the life of kenneth harding. it was thought police shot and killed him after he opened fire on them but we have new details about his death. >> reporter: this is the bullet that was found in kenneth harding's head. next to it a bullet in his pocket. these bullet belong to a .380 caliber hand gun. police say that's the gun the department has been using since 1995. >> the bullet removed from hi
Jul 28, 2011 5:30pm PDT
you get that ticket in the mail, but they are causing an uproar in los angeles. and ben tracy tells us why. >> reporter: preventing accidents like these is part of why los angeles installed cameras to catch drivers running red lights. >> then, boom, camera went off. >> reporter: one of those automatic cameras snapped a shot of abigail stone and sent her a $480 ticket. >> the light was clearly red when i went through it even though i registered it as green. >> reporter: los angeles has cameras at 32 intersections around the city. although they have caught. 180,000 drivers running red lights, the city says they did not improve safety and were too costly to run. >> we need to stop beating this dead horse. >> reporter: so on wednesday, the l.a. city council voted unanimously to turn off the cameras, joining at least 32 other cities nationwide that have ended their red-light programs. >> this was a fill your. we were able to give people $500 tickets but not necessarily improve any of the safety in those intersections. >> reporter: yet l.a.p.d. data shows collisions at those intersections dr
Jul 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >> there is a report in "los angeles times" that the suspects bragged about the attack and when prosecutors filed their bail motion it contained another tidbit that one suspect warned witnesses to not provide information about the crime to authorities. the judge would not allow cameras today but that did not stop reporters and artists from getting a good look at the men. they faye charges of assault and battery and causing mayhem. the question, are the charges too light? dean johnson thinks so. >> to me, there should be two additional charges, wuj wun being aggravated mayhem, the other, torture. both charges carry a life sentence. if anyone deserves a life sentence it's people who beat up brian stow. >> by now, most people know the back story. he remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital with brain injuries. until we spoke with his family today, they did not know that the arraignment had been postponed until august 10th. the district attorney's office told us as the investigation continues, there is a possibility of stronger charges. and as for previous reports show's assaila
Jul 8, 2011 11:35pm PDT
in los angeles as part of their north american visit. kate's first trip to the u.s. unusual amount of hoopla for hollywood outsiders. since their wedding in april, watched by m me than 1 billion people around the world, kate in particular has blossomed into a source of global fascination. abc's bob woodruff has been on the road with the royals. >> reporter: tonight the world's it couple, william and kate,e, arrived in hollywood. their second stop, a star-studded gala reception at the home of the british consul general. and in this town known for creating heroes and heroines, princes and princesses, they're finally getting to see the real thing. some spectators even breaking down in tears. >> i'm really excited. i'm really touched. this is very emotional for me. >> this is the best day of my life. >> reporter: while here, they will rub shoulders with the likes of tom hanks, nicole kidman, and yes, j.lo. >> catherine's never been here before. and what better place for an introduction to america than l.a.? >> reporter: tinseltown has been eagerly anticipating their arrival. and a litt
Jul 16, 2011 10:00pm PDT
california as the traffic continues around los angeles. >>> tonight a man is dead after san francisco police shot him several times he was being questioned for not playing a fare for muney. joe vazquez reports that the witnesses tell a different story. >> reporter: julia, we are trying to sort that out. witnesses heard 7 of 8 shots as officers opened fire on a man trying to jump a train fare. >> reporter: it was in front of dozens of people. the man was running from police, and they shot him from behind. >> they shot him there behind in his neck and leg and they just left him. >> reporter: two officers signed to the silence reduction were completing a fair instruction. for some reason the man took off running. that the point we fire the department fired backwards at the officers. the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> reporter: the man later died at the hospital. the witnesses are so furious, they loudly shouted down on the news conference. >> they are telling lies. >> the investigation is ongoing. my homicide, internal affairs investigation. >> i don't think he got on his knees. >>
Jul 16, 2011 5:00pm PDT
angeles are shut down this weekend for construction work. city officials warned people in los angeles to avoid the area. there were concerns that l.a.'s notorious gridlock with pale in comparison to this weekend. but as nbc's jinah kim reports, apparently people listened to the warnings. >> this is where the 405 freeway meets the 10. >> reporter: day one is carmageddon is so mar like karma heaven. traffic that normally clog x the highways even on weekends was sparse. and the main alternates to the closed 405 freeway looked like this. >> it was great. it was the best. >> no traffic. >> no traffic, none. it took me ten minutes to get here. >> the roads are empty. it's like a ghost town. there's no carmageddon. >> reporter: and that's exactly what officials in los angeles were hoping for. >> we'll be on top of this all over southern california. avoid the area or stay home. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, alerts blared as far as away as san francisco, warning drivers that a ten-mile section of one of the nation's busiest highways, the 405, would be shut down this weekend. crews are d
Jul 25, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. >>> in los angeles tonight, an arson unit is looking for whoever is setting a string of fires in north hollywood. 18 vehicles have been destroyed just since thursday. and officials are also investigating an apartment fire that sent two people to the hospital yesterday. >>> when we come back here tonight, the dramatic life and untimely death of a young woman with a soulful voice. so much talent, and a lost battle with the demons of addiction. >>> back now with the sad news from over the weekend of the death of amy winehouse in london. she had a voice beyond her years, and it must be said for her part, she changed the music business. and yet she ran out of years on this planet and was chased down by addiction. questions remain tonight about how she died and whether anything could have been done to save her. nbc's stephanie gosk has our report tonight from london. >> reporter: it was a combination of the voice and the lyrics. at a young age, amy winehouse was already being called one of the best singer/songwriters of her generation. her second and final record "back to black" was nominate
Jul 9, 2011 11:00pm PDT
-raising, polo and a walk down the hollywood red carpet. gina kim is in los angeles with a look for us. hello gina. >> i hate to tell you, you just missed it, the duke and duchess emerged out of those doors, i'm going to ask jose to pan the camera over, we have some dignitaries walking out as we speak. some of hollywood's royalty, there is maria bello, kristen chenowith. this is a big gala, they just left a minute ago after what is a very, very glamorous day. now, yesterday the duke and duchess of cambridge were all business if you will recall. today they finally got to do the california thing, playing in the sun and rubbing elbows with hollywood's royalty. a royal visit to tinseltown wouldn't be complete without a walk down the red carpet, and saturday night some of the biggest names in hollywood turned out in honor of the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> i would not be here were it not for the royal aspect. that was definitely the honey for my bee. >> this is fantastic for england and all the talent that's here tonight. >> by far the most glamorous of their visit. up and coming british tal
Jul 16, 2011 12:00am PDT
speaks. there are three or four cities adjacent to los angeles in l.a. county where property values are going to the roof in southern california because rich chinese are coming here with cash in hand you are not financing these people. they're coming with cash in hand to buy these homes. ec property values in certain areas driven up by all the money that chinese citizens are pouring into our economy. what do you make of that? >> clearly, in china, every day there is more wealth created. there are more and more of these folks. we're looking at not only investing in their own country, but there's always that hope and desire about getting better education for their children or maybe a better living environment for their family. so many of them choose the path to come to the united states to establish a second home. what we have seen is that, right here in l.a. or in san francisco, many of these neighborhoods that are more affluent neighborhoods are attracted to these folks in china and they want their kids to come here for high school and make sure that their spouses can stay here so t
Jul 19, 2011 12:00am PDT
>> the evening from los angeles. tonight a conversation with the president of the association of mayors. mayors are facing tough times and even more hardship for the poor and unemployed. also, jenna fisher is here. now you can catch her in the new film, "a little help here " we are glad you joined us. >> every community has martin luther king boulevard. it is not just a street or boulevard, but a place for wal- mart to band together with your community to make every day a better. >> nationwide supports tavis smiley. nationwide is proud to join have is in working to remove obstacles to economic empowerment one at a time. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ villaraigosa may be best known as the guy who convince the entire city to stay out of their cars for the weekend. hazmat you may know, the 405 was shut down this weekend. you pulled it off. >> we pull it off. it worked like magic. >> i was in my hotel room crackin
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